My name is Mollie Rose Trail. I am a pagan in the Central Maryland region. I’m eclectic in my practices, dabbling here and there with what takes my interests.

I started this blog because A, I like to blog, and B, because I wanted to share the pagan side of my life to the internet as well. I have a few blogs but I hadn’t had one before that expressed this side of me.

MORE ABOUT ME: I like gardening and going on hikes. I like to hike for exercise and for nature watching. I’m a big reader and an even bigger writer. I write my own rituals though I borrow trances and meditations for them. I write novels and short stories more than anything though. I also like the natural sciences because I like nature and love to try to understand it better.

I’m also an activist, as you will see from some of these blog posts.

A big part, I feel, of being a pagan, is treating the environment and your body with respect, at least a little. I might not keep a steady exercise routine or buy only organic products but I don’t completely let everything go. It’s about the little things and the more little things you do, they start to add up to a big amount of difference you’re making to yourself and the world around you.

MORE THAN ANYTHING, this blog is about sharing, learning, and having fun. I hope you enjoy! šŸ™‚


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