My name is Francis Rose Trail. I’m a pagan in the Central Maryland region. I’m eclectic in my practices, dabbling here and there with what takes my interests.

I started this blog because A, I liked to blog, and B, because I wanted to share the pagan side of my life to the internet as well. I’m posting again after 6 years because I lost my connection to my practice and want to re-establish and document that process.

MORE ABOUT ME: I’m a writer, artist, and recent college graduate. I found the pagan faith in 2009, joined a local group, but stopped practicing while I lived in Washington State for 4 and a half years. I used to write my own rituals though I borrowed trances and meditations for them from books (that I of course was transparent about). Most of my writing is in non-fiction and poetry. I also draw quite often and am starting a business to sell my art as well as publish my writing. My degree is in Education though and I also have a love for science.

My vision of pagan spirituality may differ from ones you’ve seen before. I don’t base my spiritually solely in ancient lore, traditions, or mythology. I modernize it, shape it to the specific contexts of my life, and I treat it as a trinity (spirit, body, community) that needs to be explored, restored, and tended to…

This blog is about sharing, learning, and hopefully also sometimes having fun. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


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