Roses and Red Foxes: Wildlife in Howard County

Wildlife spottings all around Howard County:

Hawk, heron, groundhog, and rabbit spottings are in abundance now. Deer and chipmunk spottings are increasing.

Dayton, MD:

I saw a red fox at my grandpa’s house.

Centennial Lake:

Lots of rabbits, a deer, a groundhog, a great blue heron, and a chipmunk were spotted on Monday the 10th. I also saw a baby turtle but it swam into a murky spot before I could get a picture.



Centennial Lake




Nature in it’s Mysterious Ways: Big Branch Recreation Area



You can see in these photos a line running across the water, creating a seemingly darker area (closer) and a lighter area (farther away). I have no idea about what caused this and it wasn’t the only line. There were further divisions but this was most easily seen from the car. It was raining and I didn’t want to damage my phone. Anyway, it’s quite mysterious because it’s not as if the lines followed the channel. It was odd and I thought I would share it here.

We an never know everything about nature and even old places can ring surprises.

Favorite Local Places: Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

I’ve been there twice now and it is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL place. I first went with my environmental science lab class and we got a tour of the marshland. Our guide could talk with a passion about the place forever and the passion was contagious. I really suggest booking a tour. The guy is also hilarious. It’s a must see place and a must-go trip.

Jug Bay has an enormous amount of wildlife to see. On my two trips I’ve seen lots of osprey, bald eagles, herons, sand pipers, snipes, a coot, turtles, muskrats, snakes, laughing gulls, and red winged black birds. Geese too unfortunately. If you go in the fall, Jug Bay is a hot spot for migratory birds.

Here is their website:

They have Osprey nests with webcams on them which you can watch live on the website.

Here are some pictures from the trip.





That little bird shaped speck is an osprey. There are a lot of Osprey there.








there were a lot of little tadpoles swimming right there. You can kind of see a swirming mass of little brown things.

Cypress tree 🙂

Cypress tree at wider angle

knees of the cypress tree 🙂 so cooooooolllll


These are pictures from my second trip to Jug Bay. Some friends and guests went kayaking and canoeing there.

For fun picture I took of the bathroom and snack area in negative

the little dark spot near the shore is a muskrat




paddler of canoe to my front

paddler of canoe behind me

me seated in the middle of the canoe between the people showed above

friends in canoe that caught up to us

friends in kayaks behind us

Spirit: Balticon 2013

Balticon was great for many reasons, but I will talk exclusively about the three great pagan-ish things that happened, the ones I went to at least.


I wrote about this ritual recently actually and here is the link for more technical information on the rite:

I actually came to this years ritual and I HAD SO MUCH FUN! There were bubbles, bells, rattles, glowsticks, a squishy neon ball with lights on the inside, and cool music.

Those who wished to process from outside to get more people to join us played our bells and rattles and drums, blew our bubbles, and paraded around a section of the convention area and made our way back to the sanctuary.

We had two members greet us upon entering. One sprinkled glow water (water with a glowstick inside) on us saying “blessings”. Another member in a robe with a lightsaber blessed people saying “In perfect love and perfect trust” making the knighting motion over each shoulder.

We then started the ritual calling in landmark areas for our directions: Chesapeake Bay was East, Susquehanna River was North, the Catoctin Mountains was West, and Belt Woods was South. We also called in Earth Mother, Cybernata, and Logos.

We raised energy by passing/throwing around the squishy neon ball that lit up with movement and we played fun dance music in the background.

We then shared with each other how technology and the internet has changed our lives. Mostly we shared how it had changed our lives for the better.

Afterwards, we blessed any technology we had on us in incense. I blessed my phone and USB.

Lastly we shared cakes and ale. At this ritual we had iced sandwich cookies for cakes and mountain dew for ale. THe mountain dew was in a giant neon green alien cup.

After the ritual was over we had a smaller dance party in the courtyard/sanctuary for an hour! WHOOO!




second: Viking Wire Weaving


I loved learning this. It’s beautiful in the process and turns into a lightweight beautiful chain when you finish. Our lesson ran overtime so I never learned how to finish it, though our teacher said we could look it up on youtube, plenty of videos there apparently.

third: Sewing a “Viking” pouch


Okay, so the class was called making a Viking pouch but pretty much it’s just a pouch. Our teacher, having been booked for teaching a few too many classes in such a short period of time, accidently gave us the wrong directions for the pouch we were supposed to make and didn’t have the string for the drawstring pouch she accidently started teaching us how to make. SO, I got creative and made this. I added embroidery later and still need to add extra fabric so I can attach it to any belt.

Red Foxes: Dayton, MD (Update)

I have been up the road a few times in the last month and there has been plenty to see. All the cow farms have their beautiful cattle out and about grazing. The resident snow goose is still at it’s little pond on Tridelphia Rd. BUT, there have been other spottings.

I’ve seen Cedar Waxwings, some Herons, plenty of turtles, a snake (black I think), a beaver (up close but not personal), and a red fox.

The Cedar Waxwings, Herons, turtles, and snake were at Big Branch Recreation Area. Herons, turtles, and the beaver were at Pig Tail Recreation Area. The red fox was on Tridelphia Rd just up the hill from the pond that the snow goose lives in. The red fox was seen lurking around during the day too. My dad says that’s weird behavior for foxes.

Oh, I saw a hawk in Glenelg a little over a month ago. The part of Glenelg I’m talking about isn’t too far from Dayton. It was in the trees about 50 feet from Olde Time Liquors. Some crows had something to say about him lurking around though.

Roses: Pics From Grandpa’s House

The following are plants from my grandpa’s house from mid May.



His azaleas were past their peak, but still not too bad looking.

I missed the peak days for his poppies too but he had one or two still hanging in there strong

Looks at these beauties! Are they big and beautiful! They were growing on the stump of a tree my grandpa chopped down.

I don’t know what kind of flower this is but it’s a sweet little thing. My grandpa cut most of them down unfortunately.