Spring Pruning

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We have spent the last two weeks in a swirling cycle of “on again, off again” weather that has somewhat inhibited our efforts to complete our spring pruning of the rose garden. We are in the 60’s one day, and the 40’s the next. Steadfast in the knowledge that warmer days are fast approaching, we braved wind, rain and freezing temps to complete the task at hand.

I follow 3 D’s when pruning roses in spring

  • Remove DEAD canes
  • Remove DISEASED canes
  • Remove DAMAGED canes

I also look for and remove crossing canes that rub against one another and will ultimately damage one another.  Since modern repeat blooming roses bloom on new wood, I tend to prune them low, down to about 18-24 inches from the ground. As you can tell from the photos, our roses are already putting out new growth, so it was very easy to tell…

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Red Foxes: Raccoon Prints Feild Guide


This is a Raccoon print. Obviously the right foot is clearest. My battery died before I could take more pictures of other good examples. Raccoon prints dotted the stream shore here (where I’m typing this) at Howard Community College. I was with a few friends cleaning up the stream near Deer Run when my Environmental Science teacher, one of the women with me, pointed this first set of tracks that we saw. After that, we saw them everywhere. That and deer prints after a bit. Deer prints have what looks like two big toes and you c an sometimes see the clear impression of the hoof, the sharp edges of it. Here, with raccoons, you can see clear impressions of five toes and clearly definied toes on each of them.

Springtime in Alabama – Prime Rose Planting Weather

The Redneck Rosarian

I am composing this post from my screened porch. Cup of coffee at hand, I am enjoying the sights and sounds of an early morning spring day in Alabama. With the beginning of spring comes an opportunity to plant new roses in my garden.

As many of you know, I am just about out of room for additional roses, but I did find a spot next to my driveway at the back of our house for a bed. Our neighbor had a very large tree that was removed last fall and this area now gets plenty of sun and is fit for roses. I had previously planted climbers in this space, and they bloom but not with vigor due to lack of sun. I incorporated them into the new bed and now hope to see them thrive.

I used castle rock to construct this bed and have filled it with my soil…

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First Day Of Spring

The Redneck Rosarian

At long last, the day has come. Spring has officially arrived! For the Northern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox occurred at 7:02 am ET this morning, Don’t know about you, but I can live with increasing daylight, warmer temps and the long awaited arrival of the first rose blooms of the season.  I hope you’ll join me this spring as we celebrate the awakening of our rose garden.

Spring 2013

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