Roses: Gardening

The first picture is of my little growing garden of wildflowers. I have no successful attempts at indoor pot gardening though the Ivy did last the longest. I planted the wildflowers earlier this spring in maybe April or March. So far, they’re just little green sprouts, but little green sprouts that fill me with joy.If they turn out well, how I could mess up wildflowers I don’t know, I want to move on to either outdoor box gardening next year or renting out a plot in the community garden nearby.

Gardening is a great way to get in touch with Mother Nature and for a million other things associated with Wicca and spirituality. It can help you really get in touch with the growing cycles and thus the cycles of the year and even more so, the Wicca calendar. Many of the Wiccan holidays are focused around the growing season. Gardening and Farming are rich in symbolism with prosperity, fertility, and growth whether in the mind, body, or spirit. Also, you can grow foods to eat and/or herbs whether to season with, turn into essential oils, add into candles, dry for incense, decorate, or a million other things. Gardening takes time and patience but so much can be gained from it.

I don’t have much room to grow anything, mostly because my mom’s irises take up most of the back yard and my neighborhood cut down our last garden in the front yard so it would be a waste of time doing anything there, and as I said, growing anything indoors has never succeeded. I highly encourage anyone who isn’t already gardening because of space or a black thumb record to try, step by step, to get into gardening. Indoor pots might work for you or you might need to set up a heat lamp maybe. If you have a backyard, boxes might work for you or starting small like me by planting wildflowers which might just be a fancy word for pretty weeds. Check to see if there are community gardens near you. Try though, because the reepings can easily out weigh the sowing.

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Roses: What to do when someone is allergic to incense

As well as doing Solitary work, I am also a member of an Eclectic Wiccan circle though I should say Eclectic Pagan Circle. In this circle there are quite a few beloved members that cannot stand incense and even get sick from it. I have been trying to figure out awhile how I could incorporate plants and smells without using incense. I was just searching through Tumblr, with no real purpose in mind, and saw this picture and thought “Finally! I have found the cure!” This would be the perfect way to incorporate the scents of plants into a ritual without using incense. The plants themselves emit smells and putting them so close to a warm and unscented candle would also heightened the scent some too. It wouldn’t be as potent as incense but sometimes thats good. If you use incense to symbolize air then you can still do this with said method. The way the scent carries on the air in the room or on the breeze outside would be a perfect symbol for air. Heck, if you put the candle holder in a large flat dish of water then you would have all four elements represented.

So, tying the actual plant you want to use, for their scent/smell in your ritual, around a candle holder with a lit unscented candle in/on it is a terrific way of replacing incense. Hope this might help!

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