Roses: Auricularia Family Spotted in Dayton, MD

These mushrooms I spotted in my Grandfathers yard on a tree stump are from the Auricularia family of fungi. This is the same family of fungi that the Tree Ear that’s common in Chinese cooking comes from. I have not been able to find good information much less constant information on the web of which species this is. Most clues say it is either Auricularia polytricha or Auricularia auricula. The sites I visited said one of them was the Tree Ear found in Chinese/Asian cooking and the other produced an anticoagulant effect among other things like “agglutinate or release serotonin on exposure to epinephrine.”* Which was toxic and whether either was toxic varied on the website.

The major point to this story is to buy mushrooms at the store or go with trained wild mushroom experts that lead mushroom hunts Those even sometimes go bad too, but you have much better chances with them. Don’t trust websites, though some may be credible. Don’t just pick any old mushroom either. Some excrete toxins that will get on you when you touch them and spread to anything else you touch like an unconscious rub of your eyes, nose, or ear. Be careful around mushrooms. They might be delicious but there are many species and families of fungi that can kill you. Take pictures in the wild, go on hunts with certified experts and even then wear gloves and get a sample tested before you eat, but mostly just eat the ones at the supermarket and in restaurants.

* Quote came from the site:

Roses: Kniphofia

Beautiful Flower, huh? It has nicknames like the Torch Lily and Red Hot Poker and even Papaya Popsickle. The Kniphofia has many other sub-species in varying colors and they are gorgeous to look at. They are native to Madagascar and tropical parts South Africa. As far as magickal properties go, I found only one website and I’m not sure it’s very reputable. I’ll list them anyways. I also found an article that is thick on scientific terminology that says they have found anti-malarial compounds in the flower, so the least we know is that it’s healing. With the coloration you could maybe use it also to represent South/Fire. I first found out about this flower in this Sundays Baltimore Sun (June 17th, 2012). Links are below.

List of Properties (according to I&E Organics): “For treatment of physical, emotional or mental abuse resulting in emotional withdrawal.

Picture source (it has a lot of beautiful pictures of Colombian flowers but the website is for picking up and marrying Latin women including offering romance tours, matchmaking, and lodging. Just wanted to warn you before you checked out the section on Colombian Flowers):

For more information on Kniphofia’s:

I&E Organics Website:

Roses: Buddleia – Butterfly Bush

It hasn’t been until recently really that I started being more aware and curious about my surroundings. Curiousity has led me to much discovery lately. I had always been aware of the Butterfly bush but not know much about it. I saw this particular one yesterday as I was leaving the Howard County Central Library, where I am now, that I do all my blogging at. After thinking I was wrong and that it was actually Lilac and finally realizing I was right all along, I looked up the Butterfly BUsh and found it had a prettier name, Buddleia. After looking it up I found that it was one of the flowers that first started growing in bombsights in London after WW2 and a blog post by another pagan with her perspective on what she believes are it’s magickal properties. Seeing as I haven’t found any other site listing corresponces for the plant, I’ll list my perspective going on the new knowledge I have on the plant. Read the links below to find out more for yourself.

Magickal Properties: New Beginnings, Strength, Unlikely Opportunities, Creativity, Starting Over, Freedom, Whimsy

Also Corresponds to the Lunar Month of April and the Seed Moon

For the Website of Esbat Correspondences that gave me the above information:

The Blog where I got a better idea of it’s magickal properties:

To see the wikipedia page on Buddheia:

Another website for more information on Buddleia:

For more on flowers that grew over bombsites in London:

Roses: What to do when someone is allergic to incense

As well as doing Solitary work, I am also a member of an Eclectic Wiccan circle though I should say Eclectic Pagan Circle. In this circle there are quite a few beloved members that cannot stand incense and even get sick from it. I have been trying to figure out awhile how I could incorporate plants and smells without using incense. I was just searching through Tumblr, with no real purpose in mind, and saw this picture and thought “Finally! I have found the cure!” This would be the perfect way to incorporate the scents of plants into a ritual without using incense. The plants themselves emit smells and putting them so close to a warm and unscented candle would also heightened the scent some too. It wouldn’t be as potent as incense but sometimes thats good. If you use incense to symbolize air then you can still do this with said method. The way the scent carries on the air in the room or on the breeze outside would be a perfect symbol for air. Heck, if you put the candle holder in a large flat dish of water then you would have all four elements represented.

So, tying the actual plant you want to use, for their scent/smell in your ritual, around a candle holder with a lit unscented candle in/on it is a terrific way of replacing incense. Hope this might help!

Picture source:

Roses: Corpse Plant/Indian Pipe found in Dayton, MD

Earlier this week, in fact it was probably Sunday, I was walking around a lake in Dayton, MD that I go to frequently, these days taking pictures. I happened to pay more attention to the plants and round that day and noticed this white thing. Yesterday I took a sample and today I brought it to Howard County Recreation and Parks HQ. They emailed me back not long later identifying it for me as the Indian Pipe. It’s also called the Corpse Plant. lol. Of course I would find the Corpse Plant, me, the fan of paranormal and especially vampire themed books. One of the pictures above is one I actually took the day I found it. My mom actually mistook it for thrown away crab meat at first. lol. It does kind of look like it from afar.

For more information on the plant here is the Wikipedia page: