Spirit: Techno-Pagan Rite by Pheonix

My friend Pheonix is a co-coordinator of Turning Circle, which I have mentioned before I am a part of. Another co-coordinator, Selene, has major connections with Balticon, a science fiction convention in Baltimore. Last year, our Circle did a ritual for Balticon and Pheonix designed a Techno-Pagan rite for this event. We are doing this ritual again this year at Balticon on Mya 26th. Any pagans out there who are interested should come join the fun. Here is a little information on the ritual from Pheonix herself and the dieties she used.


When our group was asked to lead a full moon ritual for a local science fiction convention, Balticon, it occured to me that a simple esbat was much too pedestrian for the venue. I had just finished reading the book “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, and it had set my brain afire about this idea of modern Gods. I really wanted to do a ritual that somehow honored these Gods of modern tech that intertwine with the ways we live our lives in America in the 21st century. Gaiman seemed reluctant to give names to any of the new Gods, but I felt they deserved to come out of the mists and be more formally known.

I have heard and read often that if we do not choose our Gods, they choose us. Perhaps we give ourselves to fame or money or power, but if there is nothing else at our core, we do indeed make these things our Gods. Even if they be hollow Gods who offer little lasting comfort, they come to rule us. Perhaps by naming some of the forces that rule our lives, I felt we could create a mutually beneficial relationship that involved love as well as fear.

I decided to give name to the God of Telecommunications – “Logos.” The word is Greek and occurs in a Christian context describing how Yahweh gave birth to the world through the spoken word – Logos. It seemed a juicy term, and one ripe for reinvention. I stole it fair and square for the forces that make my smart phone work, and keep data zinging through the air waves around the globe.

The world wide web seemed like a digital version of the web of life of which we are a part. I envisioned her as a dark sister to the Goddess Gaia — a huge force that encompasses so much of our lives that we often don’t even see her. I wanted to give her a name that sounded techy, but original and came up with “Cybernata.” If anyone else already has this name for something else, I apologize. The Goddess seemed to like it, so I stuck with it.

The ritual we ended up doing took the form of a pretty generic Wiccan circle. For the quarters, instead of directions, we called in geographic landmarks for the area. I really wanted to enforce that Neo-Paganism is a faith rooted in the past and the natural world around us, but has wings that take us easily into the tech of modern life. Where humans go, our Gods go with us. We spent the ritual honoring these new deities and sharing how they had touched our lives – for those of us who have lived both pre and post internet, seeing these changes has been a momentous thing. We ended by giving everyone who came a glow bracelet showing that we were all connected – an instant tribe when assemble to worship together.

Many enjoyed the rite, and applauded this new take on modern Paganism, but we had our skeptics. Some felt it wasn’t appropriate to mix religion and science (why be at a Pagan ritual at a science fiction convention then?) and some felt it was blasphemous to “make-up” deities. To those who find a heresy in naming the forces around us, I softened the blow by saying I felt that Logos mapped easily as a new name for Mercury, messenger of the Gods, and Cybernata was a good fit for Athena or Minerva, a Goddess of wisdom and strategy. However, it was a human who came up with these earlier names from distant lands that we call into our circles today, and I think their desire to name the forces that rocked their lives was appropriate then as it is for us to call in the tech Gods that hold us in sway today.

I find some of the great strengths of Paganism is both our adaptability and our great senses of humor. I feel a religions that doesn’t take itself too seriously is one that will grow and thrive rather than twisting up into some dying parody of itself. I approached a ritual for these new Gods with my tongue firmly in cheek, and a desire to have a fun time at a SF convention, but my desire to name and honor these deities was also a devout and heartfelt one. I hope others who might come to know these deities giving them the respect they are due, will understand and appreciate that the world is always unfolding anew around us, and we too can be part of the creation of this brave new world we find ourselves in.

Calling in Gods of Tech . . .

Logos, God of Telecommunications

First there was the nothing, the unmanifest, but the word was spoken and LO there became something from the nothing. As the words flow on wings from site to site across continents and satellites, so is LOGOS, God of the spoken word born and born anew. We call to Logos, God of telecommunication! Blessings and Welcome! [Chime bell]

Cybernata, Goddess of the internet.

From the darkness came the embryo, the Arpanet. Then came transmission control protocol, ISP’s, and the birth of the world wide web at CERN. From code and wires, phone lines, and personal computers, grew this web of light, this massive structure of knowledge and truth, lies and . . .porn. Keeper of knowledge, spinner of dreams, and transmitter of thought, we hail the consciousness that is Cybernata, Goddesss of the Internet. Great Goddess, Blessings and welcome! [Plug in lights, turn on laptop playing internet music, chime bell]

This was copied and pasted from an e-mail with permission to put on this blog to get some internet hits for Cybernata and Logos.

Spirit: Mini Fertility Ritual

This is a picture of a working I did to increase the financial aid (or ensure that I got enough aid for school) I got this year. When I got the letter, it didn’t tell me how much I had recieved and I had been trying to work out issues with recieving any this year so, as blessed as I was to even get the news that I had recieved financial aid, I wanted to do a spell to ensure I was getting enough to actually go to school.

So, the night I got the letter it was too late for me to come here to the library to check out how much I had recieved, so I did the following ritual that night.

First, let me say that I did this to Dagda and Danu in their Great Helper/Deity of Justice aspect. It was very spontaneous so I had to work with what I had. Dark Blue and Deep Purple are associated with Deities of Justice and it just so happened that the mat on my altar that I use for an altar cloth is purple so that was helpful. Unicorns (as well as Eagles) are also associated with Deities of Justice and I happened to have this little plaque art with a unicorn and a baby unicorn on it so I put my letter on top. Amethyst is associated with the Deities as well and so I placed the two Amethyst stones I had on top of the letter. I lit my God and Goddess candles, inviting Dagda and Danu and stating which aspect I was inviting. I prayed and called upon the properties of both the amethyst and the associations and spirit of the unicorn to help. I don’t own a wand (which is associated with the Deities of Justice) but I do own a staff which is practically the same thing and I held that as I sat before my altar. I rocked a little back and forth, twirling the staff a little as I focused on my intent to raise energy. I raised the energy and then released it as I ended my ritual saying how I believed that everything and anything and all was possible with and in the God and Goddess, said that I would let it sit there overnight so that as midnight came (the time of North and Earth which is associated with Deities of Justice) the Earth would soak and saturate my spell with it’s energies through my open window. I said “So mote it be”, thanked the God and Goddess and gave a departing, and ended my ritual.

This was this past weekend where we had a crap ton of rain starting the night I did the ritual. Talk about a sign of prosperity and fertilization.

I checked the financial aid the next day and low and behold, X), I had received more than enough money for this coming Fall semester AND next Spring semester. How awesome is that? Very.

I used Celtic Deities of Justice but I hope this inspires you to do impromptu rituals with whoever and for whatever (as long as it is ethical) reasons you need. Blessings and Love to you all!

P.S. – I know it’s a very dark image but it was rainy and cloudy and nothing I could do would get me a brighter image in my room, with my phone. Smh, crappy camera phone. lol.


Spirit: Observing the Directions

In Wicca and other paths you can take through Pagan religions, we observe and call quarters in our rituals; East, South, West, North. These directions are called in the beginning of a circle for a ritual and they are sometimes invoked (invited) as well. The directions correspond to other things as well; elements, times of day, and so on. East is Air and Sunrise; South is Fire and Noontime; West is Water and Sunset, North is Earth and Midnight.

In the Reclaiming Tradition (a pagan spiritual path you can learn and follow), they are taught to observe these times of day, thus observing and aquainting yourself with the directions, days in advance before performing a ritual. This is to make a more powerful (spiritual and energy wise) ritual. *

I love the idea of this and took the time to observe Noontime today (South, Fire). It was refreshing and uplifting. I’ve also been observing Sunset (West, Water) the last few days. I love the feel and look of Sunset. It’s renewing like drinking cool water on a very hot day.

I would suggest this practice to all Wiccans and other Pagans. The God and Goddess are the time of day, the directions, the earth, air, fire, and water. They are everything and we are a part of that everything. Through them, we are connected to everything around us and everything far away. Tomorrow (if I remember), I’ll be quoting parts of the book I’m reading right now. It’s a great book and the inspiration for this post. I’ve read parts of it before but am reading all the way through now.

The book is (*):  The Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey to the Realm of Magic, Healing, and Action by Starhawk and Valentine

Picture Sources: (Sunrise) http://damabeats.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/markus-schulz-gbdjb-ibiza-sunrise-set/ (Noontime) http://alorika–crazy4frnz.blogspot.com/2010/07/sun-at-noon-time.html (Sunset) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Saguaro_Sunset.jpg (Midnight) http://my.billingsgazette.com/post/WikkedTrewth/photos/img0836.html

Spirit: Daily Doses of Paganism

I think it’s important to get a little daily dose of not only the God and Goddess but of the craft itself (witchcraft or whatever). I first got the idea from reading The Goddess is in the Details by Deborah Blake where she says it’s important to try and fit some daily Wiccan or Pagan elements into your life including prayer and a few other things. Since I finished reading the book, a few days ago, I’ve been doing just that.These are the things I’ve tried and how they’ve worked for me.

  • Morning Prayer: Blake suggests what she does, and that is a little talk to the God and Goddess just as you’re waking up for the day, before you even open your eyes or get up. I open my eyes and try to wake up just a little so I don’t slur my words and can put sentences together better. For me, it’s helped be feel less weird and awkward when speaking out loud to the gods, which sometimes to me it does. It’s help shake my insecurity and find my voice better.
  • Praying when you need help: Just yesterday the negativity and bad energies were getting really high in my house. I lit some sage and prayed to the God and Goddess, even tied in Air and Water to help. I ended it with “So mote it be” and everything went quiet, though that happened just a few seconds before I said it. My parents argument didn’t start up again and even later in the night there were only a few rumbles of discontent. After I said “so mote it be” I pretended everything was just like I prayed for it to be. Soon I had this strange song in my head and all I remember of it was “Green eyes shining” or something like that. I had never heard of the song before but now it was stuck in my head. I had been trying to shake off anger and depression before the prayer but after it melted away and as that song played in my head I started, though not seemingly by intention, started forming a plan to fix my problems. As the plan began to form more and more and solidify, I heard the song less and less, finally not at all to the point I can’t remember anything but the few words. Not only did I have a plan to solve my problems, I was filled with joy and love and serenity. It was amazing.
  • Getting in touch with nature: Whether you  exercise outside or just take a moment to appreciate nature while you walk to your car, it’s important to get that connection because nature is a core piece of Wicca and other Pagan religions. I’ve haven’t been on a run at Centennial Lake in the last few days but I’ve taken the time to enjoy nature whether taking in deep breaths on fresh air, enjoying the sight of the sky, taking in the small wildlife in my neighborhood or paying more attention to the plants and trees around me any time I’m outside. Small things can make a real difference and just taking a deep breath of fresh air can be soothing and/or re-energizing.
  • Meditation: Haven’t done much of this, but it is useful.
  • Realization: You use the four elements everyday from the food you eat to the air you breathe to the water in you shower and in your glass. Think about those elements next time and every time you use them.
  • Learning: The God and the Goddess created everything around you. Connect to them about the amazing things they created and what people create with their creations.

Book Review: The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch by Deborah Blake


I absolutely loved this book. There were chapters in here that I; a single, childless, 21 year-old witch; did not have use for but I know the knowledge will come in handy in the future.

There are many things from the book I can’t wait to try. A few cleaning suggestions (that I’ll post later separately) in Chapter 9, a pagan twist to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Chapter 19 were the two I was most excited about. Deborah Blake gave me many things to think about and broadened my way of thinking about how I can bring Wicca into everyday life.

The book has chapters on marriage, raising pagan children, about being an out-of-the-broom-closet witch, and the beginning is great for those thinking about becoming Pagan or new to the whole thing.

The book is published by Llewellyn Worldwide. To visit their site for more on the author or more on WIcca or Paganism goodies, go to: http://www.llewellyn.com/ or for more on the author alone visit: http://www.llewellyn.com/author.php?author_id=4205

I give this book 5 roses out of five. (Roses instead of thumbs, duh)