Spirit: Using the Seasons and Moon Phases to Develop Eating an Exercise Plans

The following are great ideas for using natural cycles of the seasons and moon phases to help develop eating an exercise plans. It’s kind of like a pagan diet or a pagan health guide.

New Moon to Full Moon is Waxing

The moon is growing from 0 to 100. In this time period, you want to focus on growing things. This is very true of ritual magic, but should also be true in a dietary plan, so…

– Exercise wise, you want to focus on “upping” your cardio game and focusing a lot more on weight and strength training. You can push yourself on your cardio workouts, you can even add weights to your cardio workouts. What could be ideal for workouts these weeks if slowing down your cardio workouts by adding weights or turning that cardio machine time into endurance training where you slow down but go farther and maybe add on incline too.
– Food wise, you want to focus on being really strict about what you eat. Before, I would have said you would increase your protein load. You should be eating the regular amount of protein, but be really strict about everything you’re eating. You’re increasing or growing your nutrition.
– Spirit wise, you want to try and boost a lot of things but maybe focus on one thing per waxing period or per week. Maybe focus on gaining knowledge or awareness of something or something else of the same nature. Maybe you do a spell to gain fortune or peace.

Full Moon to New Moon is Waning

The moon is shrinking from 100 to 0. In this time period, you want to focus on loosing things.

– Exercise wise, you want to focus on “loosing” that fat. That means a lot of cardio. Turn up those weight training days by adding movement. During the Waxing period, you were slowing down those cardio days with weights. Now, you’re speeding up those weight days. You can even use some of the cardio suggestions for the waxing period as your weight training workouts during this waning period.
– Food wise, you want to focus on losing the protein. Protein is important, but there is protein in vegetables and fruits and it would be great to replace some of that pure protein with fruits and veggies. You can supplement some of that protein too with seeds and beans of course as you could anytime. Nuts too.
– Spirit wise, you want to think about losing things. Maybe you want to kick some bad habits, clear out the closet or room of clutter and junk, maybe you focus on just cleaning. Definitely you should think about losing stress. Well, not THINK about losing stress, but actually LOSING IT.

Times of the Year


– Winter is the time of cold and slow growing. Everything is in sleep mode and waking up. SO, this should be reflected in what you’re doing. Don’t push yourself too much in exercise, work, or anything else. When in comes to dieting, think about warm foods and cooked foods. It’s cold, so warm your body with food. It’s a traditional food practice in Eastern cultures.


– Spring is all about growing. This is where you really want to start or try new things or start improving things that are already happening. This is the time to start “upping” your game. Your diet should be starting to grow about now, incorporating fresher and more uncooked things like salads which are growing and harvesting now. Spring is also the time for GREEN. Get out and watch the world grow green, maybe (if its not too late) start growing some stuff in the garden. This could also mean doing more projects that make you money or saving up money to grow the green in your bank.


– Summer is about LIFE. The sun is king and the harvest is thriving. Experience it! Go to a pick your-own farm and PICK YOUR OWN. Taste that fresh from the farm food! Go out in nature, protected with that bug spray, and see nature thriving. See all the flowers and wildlife. Exercise wise, you should be outside doing stuff! Go to the pool! Go to the beach! Go hiking! Go run or walk around a lake! You should be doing so much outside that you will be getting most of your exercise out of the way! Save the indoor work for when it’s dead noon and for night time. Make sure to save some of those nights for dancing though. Food wise, there is so much fresh food that you should be eating mostly just that fresh food. Mix things up, experiment, and eat a lot less warm foods. Eat more cold foods. Opposite of the Winter stuff. It’s hot so cool the body with cool foods. Make cold smoothies and homemade fruit pops, eat raw foods too. If you cook stuff, slightly steam maybe. Maybe cook the food then refridgerate it like cold soups. Make filling salads.


– Autumn is like Spring, except the exact opposite. In Spring, you were growing and now you are slowing down. You want to be out in nature like you were in the Spring, but now you are there to watch the fall colors bloom. In Autumn, you want to calm down that Summer hoopla. Everything is active and energy and AWAWAWAWWWAWWWWW, but now it’s time to calm down. Exercise wise, you definitely want to get some outdoor workout, especially in those nicer weather times of the Autumn. Don’t go as crazy as you did in the Summer though. Food wise, there are lots of Autumn vegetables and fruits, so make use of them. You can start adding back some warmer foods too.

Roses: Mazus reptan, Creeping Mazus

Baltimore Sun Piece “Plant of the Week” for Sunday July 8th:

Mazus reptans

Mazus reptans is a low growing ground cover only 1 to 3 inches high, suitable for filling small areas, such as between stepping stones or in rock gardens. Its bright green foliage persists into the fall, staying semi-evergreen in the winter. An added bonus is its purplish-blue or white flowers appearing in June and July. Mazus grows in full sun to partial shade and prefers moist conditions. Being an herbaceous perennial, it can spread fast by its creeping stems which root at the nodes forming a thick mat. Mazus will take some foot traffic, has no disease or insect problems, and is deer resistant. –Bob Orazi

I’ve also seen that it does have problems with snails and slugs, so be on the watch for that. Also, the hardiness zones are 5, 6, 7, and 8.

As for magickal or mystickal properties, I didn’t find any, but since it’s a fast grower, I would say it would make a good flower to use for fertility rituals and in fertility spells. Fertility as in also meaning creativity as well as other definitions of fertility. Since the greens of Mazus are evergreens, I would say it would work in rituals and spells for longevity, endurance, and health. It being a groundcover, you could also use it for workings involving the search for something because it could be used as a way to mark the path to whatever you want to find, symbolically speaking (simply speaking it can be used in a spell to ask the gods to give you a sign or lead you on the right direction as if following a path of mazus to what you’re looking for/what you need).

As for medicinal uses, I didn’t find any on Mazus reptans but did find some for Mazus pumilus, other wise known as Mazus japonicus or Japanese Mazus.

Uses: Aperient (a mild laxative), Emmenagogue (Promotes or increases the menstrual flow. In early stages of pregnancy it can induce an abortion), Febrifuge (reduces fever), and as a tonic (Improves general health. Slower acting than a stimulant, it brings steady improvement).

It is hardy to zone 0. It is in flower from May to October, and the seeds ripen from May to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects.

The plant prefers light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires moist soil.

“Mazus pumilus – (N. L. Burman) Steenis (author)

Botanical references: 58, 266

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Known Hazards: None Known

Range: East Asia – Himalayas from Kashmir to China, Japan, Korea and Eastern Russia

Habitat: Wet Grassland, along streams, trailsides, waste fields, wet places and the edges of forests, grasslands on mountain slopes at elevations of 1200 – 3800 mets in China

Physical Characteristics: It is hardy to zone 0. It is in flower from May to October, and the seeds ripen from May to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects.

The plant prefers light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires moist soil.

Habitats: Cultivated Beds

Edible Parts: Leaves. Young leaves – cooked.”*

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