Roses: Backyard Wild Flowers – Year Two

Last year I planted wildflower seeds in my backyard, my first contribution to the “garden”. Stalks sprouted but that was the extent of growth last year. THIS year however has grown much better results. The following pictures are from the last few weeks as that part of the backyard has progressed. Some of the pictures are through the kitchen window because for a little while we had a mud wasp nest next to where the window opened up. Todays picture is from the other side of the window because I didn’t think to take it while I planted ANOTHER section of wildflowers and I was just too hot to feel like going back out again. lol.

First signs we noticed of wildflowers coming up. Just one white one and a half white, half pink one.

The next time we looked there were four bunches of flowers: two white, one half white and half pink, and one all pink



Close up looks of the flowers

Todays photo with two bunches of pink flowers, two of white, and still only one of the half pink half white ones.

Roses: Mullein; Verbascum thapsus

I took these pictures in my Grandfathers vegetable garden in Dayton, MD.

Mullein aka Verbascum thapsus has many nicknames including Cowboy’s Toilet Paper, Velvetback, Lady’s Foxglove, Hag’s Taper’s, Flannel Plant, Graveyard Dust, Old Man’s Fennel, and many more. It’s a traditional herbal medicine used for a variety of uses and just as traditional used in magic.

Magickal Properties: Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, and Exorcism.

Magickal Uses: Used in a dream satchet to ward off nightmares, in amulet to keep wild animals and insects away from you when in the wilderness (like hiking or in the garden, etc), stems and downy leaves can be used as wicks if you make your own candles, to use in baths (whether in satchets or not) to bring you courage or even protection, etc. Also, in Celtic magic, mullein is a plant associated with Earth and Grain Dieties.

Medicinal Properties: Expectorant (A medication that helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea), Demulcent (An agent that forms a soothing, protective film when administered onto a mucous membrane surface), Anti-viral, Mild Diuretic, Relaxing Expectorant, Mild Laxative, Emollient (skin softeners), Vulnerary (A remedy used in healing or treating wounds. Any preparation, plant or drug used in the cure of wounds), and as a Mild Sedative.

Mullein Uses (Not just Medicinal): Analgesic (pain reliever), Anti-histaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Antiviral, Bacteriostatic (keeps bacteria from reproducing), Estrogenic, Fungicide, Hypnotic (induces sleep), Peticide.

There are many uses for mullein and I’ll put down some links.


For Medicinal Uses:

Magickal Uses:

Website for both uses:

Website I used for the definitions:

Two other notes: Mullein is a very easy to grow plant, in fact some call it a weed. Mullein can also be found in the Vitamin Shoppe in capsules. LOL. You can buy them there at least for medicinal purposes though I can’t attest to how well they or of the medicinal uses work.

Vitamin Shoppe website: