Red Foxes: Animal Spottings in Dayton, MD

No pictures of living animals, though I did see living animals today.

I saw plenty of deer, even a couple fawns. No bucks though. This was all around Dayton, even in Glenelg and Clarksville.

I saw a pretty big water turtle that didn’t budge an inch at any sound and only raised it’s head when a bunch of Karp got really close to it. So, like I said, I saw Karp, and a lot of them. Today, especially when I was there, was a great time for seeing Karp. I saw baby turtles too. Oh, and I saw a Kingfisher. It was a good view too. They’re like Blue Jays, but much cooler. This was at Big Branch Recreation Area.

I saw two, maybe three, Herons. I saw a couple Woodpeckers yesterday, a flash of one today, but I did hear one working hard at a tree but it was just out of sight. While hiking along the muddy shore, I saw this carcass of a Crawdad, something I had been really looking for today though we didn’t see much but minnows. I found the shell of one though. I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw it so I had to pry it out of the mud and it got a bit messed up when I did and when I set it down to take a picture the wind blew it away and it got more messed up in the recovery of it, thus why it’s not a great picture. Sorry, bad luck when it came to that. I keeping saying that I saw these things, but really I was with my dad. We saw them. But it was a good wildlife day today. This was at Pig Tail Recreation Area.

Favorite Local Places: Patuxent Reservoir Watershed Pig Tail Recreation Area, Dayton, MD

This is also in Dayton, MD and is not far from the Big Branch Recreation Area. Big Branch offers more wildlife spottings but this area is just as pretty. Here is where I see more Herons. I saw at least two, maybe three, today. I see Woodpeckers a lot here too. With some hiking, biking, or on the water, you can get to some very nice sights.

For those who like to DIY,or people who don’t like to buy stuff they can gather, both this spot and Big Branch are great places to find rocks, walking sticks, tree slices, driftwood, tree stumps, and other nature stuff that can be turned into something you might want that would cost WAY TOO much in a store (or online). I picked up a walking stick today and some rocks. For pagans who want to incorporate woods and plants into their rituals, these are great places to collect them, as long as you have a guide or know what you’re doing. Many dieties have wood and plant correspondences and this is a cheap way to include a little nature into your rituals.

More than anything, Pig Tail is a beautiful place. It just happens to offer all sorts of other reasons to love it.

Red Foxes: Spottings in Dayton, MD

No pictures, sorry. But, we spotted, at least five Herons altogether, three Kingfishers, very colorful birds, Karp, tons of baby turtles or all sizes, and a good ten deer any maybe more though I couldn’t tell if we had seen any bucks because some were pretty far away. I found a nice skull too that I’ll post a picture of tomorrow or the next day when I identify what it came from. My dad and I think it could be a opossum, but I’ll look it up. Happy spotting everyone and hope everyone had a nice weekend, first since Midsummer.

Favorite Local Places: Patuxent Reservoir Big Branch Recreation Area, Dayton, MD

The Patuxent Reservoir Big Branch Recreation Area in Dayton, MD has been one of my favorite spots since I was a little kid. It’s not far from my Grandfather’s house so I went there a lot growing up and I’ve always liked it. You can hike, kayak, canoe, fish, take pictures, or just look around. There’s even a playground. It’s great for spotting wildlife and if you hike back to the big bend where the Patuxent opens up more, you’ll spot eagles ospreys, and even a family of otters (which is rare in Maryland, at least in these parts as far as I’m aware of). Herons, hawks, turtles, karp, King Fishers, snakes, and deer boast frequent spottings though you’ll probably have to hike to see the deer. I’ve seen the osprey and the more frequent spotted animals though I’ve only seen a dead snake there. I can’t wait to hike back far enough to see the otters. Beavers can be seen too, though I’m not much a fan of them. Of course, The Reservoir offers good bird watching and even watching the dragonflys’ is cool too. Check the place out. It’s on Triadelphia Rd in Dayton, MD.

Red Foxes: King Fishers, a Hawk, a Heron, Turtles, and a Karp spotted in Dayton, MD

This, Patuxent Reservoir Big Branch Recreation Area in Dayton, MD, is one of my favorite places too and I love nature watching here. It was just yesterday (Father’s Day) that I was here with my dad and we spotted three King Fishers, a Hawk, a Heron, penty of Turtles and Karp all in the areas where these two photos were taken. The top picture actually was taken of the three King Fishers but my camera phone is too crappy to pick them up. Two were sitting on the branch of the tree that hangs over to and above the water, the third sitting on the sandy bank near it. They were too far away for my camera to pick up.

Herons frequent this part of the Patuxent (right where the photos are taken) as well as the King Fishers. The King Fishers are camera shy but out of the three or four herons that frequent it, all but one are VERY shy in general.

The turtles are unlike the ones I came across at Centennial Lake and will run at the sound of someone in 30 or 40 feet away. I saw at least two species of turtle, one I know was a snapping turtle, the others were smaller and too far away for me to tell.

Karp are still spawning so this is a good time to watch for them near the banks/shores. Earlier this year I saw many more though spawning season then was in higher gear.

Roses: Mullein; Verbascum thapsus

I took these pictures in my Grandfathers vegetable garden in Dayton, MD.

Mullein aka Verbascum thapsus has many nicknames including Cowboy’s Toilet Paper, Velvetback, Lady’s Foxglove, Hag’s Taper’s, Flannel Plant, Graveyard Dust, Old Man’s Fennel, and many more. It’s a traditional herbal medicine used for a variety of uses and just as traditional used in magic.

Magickal Properties: Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, and Exorcism.

Magickal Uses: Used in a dream satchet to ward off nightmares, in amulet to keep wild animals and insects away from you when in the wilderness (like hiking or in the garden, etc), stems and downy leaves can be used as wicks if you make your own candles, to use in baths (whether in satchets or not) to bring you courage or even protection, etc. Also, in Celtic magic, mullein is a plant associated with Earth and Grain Dieties.

Medicinal Properties: Expectorant (A medication that helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea), Demulcent (An agent that forms a soothing, protective film when administered onto a mucous membrane surface), Anti-viral, Mild Diuretic, Relaxing Expectorant, Mild Laxative, Emollient (skin softeners), Vulnerary (A remedy used in healing or treating wounds. Any preparation, plant or drug used in the cure of wounds), and as a Mild Sedative.

Mullein Uses (Not just Medicinal): Analgesic (pain reliever), Anti-histaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Antiviral, Bacteriostatic (keeps bacteria from reproducing), Estrogenic, Fungicide, Hypnotic (induces sleep), Peticide.

There are many uses for mullein and I’ll put down some links.


For Medicinal Uses:

Magickal Uses:

Website for both uses:

Website I used for the definitions:

Two other notes: Mullein is a very easy to grow plant, in fact some call it a weed. Mullein can also be found in the Vitamin Shoppe in capsules. LOL. You can buy them there at least for medicinal purposes though I can’t attest to how well they or of the medicinal uses work.

Vitamin Shoppe website:

Roses: Corpse Plant/Indian Pipe found in Dayton, MD

Earlier this week, in fact it was probably Sunday, I was walking around a lake in Dayton, MD that I go to frequently, these days taking pictures. I happened to pay more attention to the plants and round that day and noticed this white thing. Yesterday I took a sample and today I brought it to Howard County Recreation and Parks HQ. They emailed me back not long later identifying it for me as the Indian Pipe. It’s also called the Corpse Plant. lol. Of course I would find the Corpse Plant, me, the fan of paranormal and especially vampire themed books. One of the pictures above is one I actually took the day I found it. My mom actually mistook it for thrown away crab meat at first. lol. It does kind of look like it from afar.

For more information on the plant here is the Wikipedia page: