Things I Want to Try: The Book of Burger by Rachael Ray

In this case it’s also something I want to read. Rachael Ray is one of my favorite chefs to watch cook. I myself, LOVE cooking shows, BUT, I don’t usually cook anything I want to try. Burgers happen to be two things; my favorite food and relatively simple to make. It’s got to be easier than making brioche, hand made pasta, souffle, pie, and a million other things. I absolutely love burgers and after seeing some of the recipes on Rachael Ray’s show this morning, I can’t wait to dig in and have some fun!

There’s a reason, besides my excitement, that I posted this on here, my Wiccan themed blog. Cooking, for those of us who don’t have gardens, is another great way to connect to the foods we eat. It’s also an avenue to explore, create, and get curious. I know I’ve been using the word curious a lot today but it’s because being curious is important. It’s a way to connect with your inner child and subconscious and to keep learning and exploring throughout life. Cooking is curiousity with the taste buds on a different level. It can also offer up opportunities to bond with the family, teach yourself and others, and impress others as well when your culinary skills get better.

I’m going to dare anyone who reads this to try and cook something new or even, if you want to step it up, buy a cook book, and try anything and everything that sounds good in there. Get curious, explore new things, and try new recipes. Maybe get your family and/or friends in on the mix and maybe look up some of the stuff you’re cooking. You might learn something interesting. 😉

Roses: Buddleia – Butterfly Bush

It hasn’t been until recently really that I started being more aware and curious about my surroundings. Curiousity has led me to much discovery lately. I had always been aware of the Butterfly bush but not know much about it. I saw this particular one yesterday as I was leaving the Howard County Central Library, where I am now, that I do all my blogging at. After thinking I was wrong and that it was actually Lilac and finally realizing I was right all along, I looked up the Butterfly BUsh and found it had a prettier name, Buddleia. After looking it up I found that it was one of the flowers that first started growing in bombsights in London after WW2 and a blog post by another pagan with her perspective on what she believes are it’s magickal properties. Seeing as I haven’t found any other site listing corresponces for the plant, I’ll list my perspective going on the new knowledge I have on the plant. Read the links below to find out more for yourself.

Magickal Properties: New Beginnings, Strength, Unlikely Opportunities, Creativity, Starting Over, Freedom, Whimsy

Also Corresponds to the Lunar Month of April and the Seed Moon

For the Website of Esbat Correspondences that gave me the above information:

The Blog where I got a better idea of it’s magickal properties:

To see the wikipedia page on Buddheia:

Another website for more information on Buddleia:

For more on flowers that grew over bombsites in London:

Spirit: Things to Remember for Today and Next Week

  1. Fruit is a fast food    
  2. No one likes it when people are judgemental so it try and remember what Walt Whitman said “be curious, not judgemental” because after all, why expect anything we aren’t willing to give. Plus there’s the Threefold Law* us Wiccans believe in. In the end, curiousity sparks discovery.
  3. Everyone has that voice in there head that is always spouting something negative. Just picture something soothing and then do one of both of the following; replace what the negative thought with a positive affirmation and if it keeps yapping away tell it to shut the f**k up, picture something soothing, and ignore it with a smile. Repeat the steps as much as you need. Positive affirmations work very well, working better with repitition, but telling the negative thoughts to shut up works too sometimes.
  4. When you get angry at someone, remember the Three Fold Law and then proceed to kill them with kindess. You won’t regret what you did, especially in the long run, you’ll feel better about yourself, the threefold law will bring kindness back to you at some point, and the person making you angry might stop making you angry and maybe make you less angry in the future. So remember, you kill with kindness not with violence. Say it out loud if you need to.
  5. Most of all, remember that you haven’t failed until you stop trying. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried since last week or last month. Get started again and keep trying. Doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to write a book, lose weight, become more spiritual, read that awful book for class, get a good grade in classes, clean the house, grow a plant successfully, find a job, save money, or ask someone out on a date. You haven’t failed until you stop trying.

* I’ve seen the Threefold Law written many ways. Basically, it means that whatever you do comes back to you three time over, whether it’s bad or good. I’ve also seen it called the Law of Three and The Law of Return. Here’s one of the ways I’ve seen it and the source:

Mind the Threefold Law you should,
Three times bad and three times good.
” – Rede of the Wiccae


Picture Source and Source of Inspiration for this post:

^ It’s one of my favorite blogs on Tumblr. It’s a positive body image and weightloss blog.