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Favorite Local Places: Creek by Freetown Road

This is a favorite little spot that me and my dad go to spot trout. Here are some shots I took recently. honeysuckle growing up an evergreen tree A few days later: Baby Praying Mantis

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Roses: Backyard Wild Flowers – Year Two

Last year I planted wildflower seeds in my backyard, my first contribution to the “garden”. Stalks sprouted but that was the extent of growth last year. THIS year however has grown much better results. The following pictures are from the … Continue reading

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Spirit: Techno-Pagan Rite by Pheonix

My friend Pheonix is a co-coordinator of Turning Circle, which I have mentioned before I am a part of. Another co-coordinator, Selene, has major connections with Balticon, a science fiction convention in Baltimore. Last year, our Circle did a ritual … Continue reading

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Roses: Spring Irises

The irises in my backyard have been blooming steadily, more and more opening up, the last four days. Here are the photos I took day by day. DAY ONE: DAY TWO: DAY THREE: DAY FOUR:

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