Food: Bean Spreads

I made these spreads so I wouldn’t have to buy hummus. Hummus is kind of expensive and I like something a bit thicker. SO… I started making these.


* 1 can (or 2 if you want to make more) of beans of your choice, higher protein the better people
* herbs and spices of your liking (I like cayenne pepper and spicy stuff)
* salt and pepper to taste
* pickled peppers or olives or nuts for a garnish like you see in Sabra and Tribe Hummus containers


* take beans out of can and put into a sauce pan on medium heat
* season with herbs and spices, salt and pepper to your liking
* cook beans until they are soft or noticably softer (this also cooks off extra liquids)
* when beans are soft, turn off heat and mash with a spoon or pestle to a consistancy you like, I prefer mine a bit chunky
* finely chop your garnish and place in the center like you see sometimes when you buy hummus

I’ve made three kinds: northern bean spread, dark kidney bean spread, and a garbanzo bean (chickpea) spread. The northern bean and dark kidney bean were the best.

This is my dark kidney bean spread with finely chopped pickled jalepenos in the center as garnish.

This was my first go at making the spread, I made this one with garbanzo beans (chickpeas). I learned not to use just a couple whole slices of pickled jalepenos. It wasn’t enough. Plus I also didn’t season it very much. Learned that lesson too.