Spirit: Rain, Lightning, and Thunderstorms

The next time you hear or see it start to rain, lightning, and/or thunder, take a moment to enjoy it. Open the curtains and take in the view; if the rain isn’t blowing at you then open the windows and spell the air and if you have a covered stoop or porch then go outside and enjoy it, catch the mist of rain and enjoy the show. Nature has it’s good and bad parts, it beautiful and ugly parts, but enjoy life and nature when you can. Even more so, be inspired by, in awe of it. Nature is this great powerful thing that you’re apart of so be a part of it, enjoy it, appreciate it, realize that you are a part of this powerful thing and that you yourself are powerful as well.

This is also a great time for meditation, purification, and ritual. Purify and empower yourself in the rain is a great idea. All three would be great for a ritual to empower yourself and for warrior rituals. Rituals to Nature and Weather and Creator Dieties would be fitting too. Rituals that involve the West (water and ice) or the South (if you think of lightening as fire) would also be great.