Food: Garden Goddess Brew

Garden Goddess Brew

  • A whole Zucchini
  • A whole Squash
  • A whole stalk of Swiss Char
  • Some Arugula
  • A can of organic Garbanzo Beans
  • A can of Sweet Corn
  • A can of Wax and Green Beans
  • Half a Sweet Onion
  • A small yellow onion, greens and all
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Dill
  • Crushed Mint
  • Parsley
  • Sea Salt
  • Two cans of whole Tomatoes and a can of Tomato sauce
  • Water

I call this my Garden Goddess Brew (sorry for the dark photo) mainly because I made this for Midsummer. It’s my first recipe and the first time I really made dinner. It’s completely vegan, though not for the principle of being vegan. I listed everything I put in there but any vegetables will do and of course you can adjust the herbs to what you like. It’s a great way to use vegetables that are getting to the point that if they aren’t used soon, they’ll go bad and for cans of vegetables that just seemed to never get picked to add to dinner. I loved the stew, my parents loved it, and those who tried it when I brought some to the Midsummer ritual I went to this last Friday loved it too. It was hearty and filling and the best side was two slices of 12 Grain bread to sop up the broth.

DIY: Housemade Cleaners!

I made them, the house cleaners I wanted to try and that I posted about two days ago. the window cleaner is on the left in an empty baby wash container and the cleaning paste (which needs to be stirred) is on the right. All the Baking soda has separated and settled on the bottom, thus the plastic knife on top I’m using to stir. I added a little Orange and Rosmary Essential Oil. I also made them during an informal ritual to Dagda in his aspect of the Great Warrior God and blessed them by word and also by passing both the ingrediants and the finished product through pine incense. I also lit a red candle for my intent, burned pine incense, put garnet and ruby and bloodstone on the altar, and stated by intent while asking for help.  I asked for energy, discipline, and help in ridding the house of bad energies and garbage and all the bad stuff bringing me and my parents (who I live with) down. I stated that the cleaners were my weapons in cleaning and that with the help of Dadga, my blessed weapons, the energy from this ritual, the power in the oils and incense, but most importantly with my own efforts, that the house would be clean and that it was more than possible.

Note: If you just make the household cleaner then that great! You don’t have to do a ritual or anything else. I have always had a lot or problems cleaning my house but it needs to be done. It’s cluttered, dusty, and dirty in places. Most of all, my house is holding a lot of negative energy. I needed the extra boost, but that doesn’t mean you do. Do what you can, do what you will. All efforts will help your house become a positive and healthy place to live!

Note 2: Pine, the color Red, Rubies, Garnets, and Bloodstone are all Correspondences to Celtic Warrior Deities according to DJ Conway’s book Celtic Magic that I use as my reference in my Celtic rituals.

Note 3: Rosmary’s properties are Protection, Purification, Love, Mental Sharpnes. Orange’s Properties are Love. It also smells great!