Spirit: Financial Aid Ritual


It’s seems my financial aid for the upcoming semesters is in a state of limbo, the reason for which I have no idea. I hope it all works out, hopefully it will. For the mean time I adapted a previous ritual to amp up the impact. The prayers I have said for this ritual I can’t much remember. Always it had to do with the feeding and nourishment the elements have with one another especially concerning air and earth.

The altar is split in two halves. One half is for the dieties of Justice. Correspondences to dieties of Justice that I had on hand were/are:
* Color – Dark Blue and purple: Everything rested on my altar cloth which is a rag carpet which shades of purple and I used blue paper to write Financial Aid on to focus my energy
* Animals – Unicorn: I had a picture of a unicorn
* Stones – Ameythst: I have two pieces and a necklace with an ameythyst pendant
* Direction – North: I used my North candle which was also in a smoky blue candle holder
* Tool – Cauldron: the picture is sitting on top of the cauldron

The second half was for dieties of Illumination, the Sun, and Healing. Correspondences for these dieties that I had on hand are:
* Color – Gold, Pale Yellow: I had a gold colored decorative fan, I used yellow candles, and I used yellow paper to write financial aid on to focus my energy
* Animals – Snake: I have a dark gold colored ring that has two snakes twining on it that I placed on the fan
* Stones – Pyrite: I placed maybe five pieces of pyrite on the fan
* Direction – East: I placed my East candle which was also in a marigold colored candle holder
* Tool – Wand: Now, I have a wand that I don’t use which I put on the fan but I also had the staff I do use by the set-up

Between the two I have a candle that has blue and yellow on it to bind the two together

The days since I set this up, the weather has been threatening great rain storms but had only twinkled. I collected rain water the day or so before I set this up thankfully and have been sprinkling the set-up to symbolically fertilize the ritual

During the next big rain, which is hopefully soon, I will perform a longer and more energy raising rite with this altar to energize it more.


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