Spring Pruning

The Redneck Rosarian



We have spent the last two weeks in a swirling cycle of “on again, off again” weather that has somewhat inhibited our efforts to complete our spring pruning of the rose garden. We are in the 60’s one day, and the 40’s the next. Steadfast in the knowledge that warmer days are fast approaching, we braved wind, rain and freezing temps to complete the task at hand.

I follow 3 D’s when pruning roses in spring

  • Remove DEAD canes
  • Remove DISEASED canes
  • Remove DAMAGED canes

I also look for and remove crossing canes that rub against one another and will ultimately damage one another.  Since modern repeat blooming roses bloom on new wood, I tend to prune them low, down to about 18-24 inches from the ground. As you can tell from the photos, our roses are already putting out new growth, so it was very easy to tell…

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