Spirit: Mini Fertility Ritual

This is a picture of a working I did to increase the financial aid (or ensure that I got enough aid for school) I got this year. When I got the letter, it didn’t tell me how much I had recieved and I had been trying to work out issues with recieving any this year so, as blessed as I was to even get the news that I had recieved financial aid, I wanted to do a spell to ensure I was getting enough to actually go to school.

So, the night I got the letter it was too late for me to come here to the library to check out how much I had recieved, so I did the following ritual that night.

First, let me say that I did this to Dagda and Danu in their Great Helper/Deity of Justice aspect. It was very spontaneous so I had to work with what I had. Dark Blue and Deep Purple are associated with Deities of Justice and it just so happened that the mat on my altar that I use for an altar cloth is purple so that was helpful. Unicorns (as well as Eagles) are also associated with Deities of Justice and I happened to have this little plaque art with a unicorn and a baby unicorn on it so I put my letter on top. Amethyst is associated with the Deities as well and so I placed the two Amethyst stones I had on top of the letter. I lit my God and Goddess candles, inviting Dagda and Danu and stating which aspect I was inviting. I prayed and called upon the properties of both the amethyst and the associations and spirit of the unicorn to help. I don’t own a wand (which is associated with the Deities of Justice) but I do own a staff which is practically the same thing and I held that as I sat before my altar. I rocked a little back and forth, twirling the staff a little as I focused on my intent to raise energy. I raised the energy and then released it as I ended my ritual saying how I believed that everything and anything and all was possible with and in the God and Goddess, said that I would let it sit there overnight so that as midnight came (the time of North and Earth which is associated with Deities of Justice) the Earth would soak and saturate my spell with it’s energies through my open window. I said “So mote it be”, thanked the God and Goddess and gave a departing, and ended my ritual.

This was this past weekend where we had a crap ton of rain starting the night I did the ritual. Talk about a sign of prosperity and fertilization.

I checked the financial aid the next day and low and behold, X), I had received more than enough money for this coming Fall semester AND next Spring semester. How awesome is that? Very.

I used Celtic Deities of Justice but I hope this inspires you to do impromptu rituals with whoever and for whatever (as long as it is ethical) reasons you need. Blessings and Love to you all!

P.S. – I know it’s a very dark image but it was rainy and cloudy and nothing I could do would get me a brighter image in my room, with my phone. Smh, crappy camera phone. lol.


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This is my blog as an Eclectic Pagan. I found the path in 2009. I love to learn, read, explore, and create. I'm a college student right now and I'm always looking for more ways to 'be green' and connect more with the God/Goddess. I'm using this almost as my publicly viewed book of shadows. Enjoy!
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